Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I read "The Magic Finger" to Emily before i even got out of bed this morning. Not bad, i thought, for someone who will only agree to books that she can read with her eyes closed before 9am ;o)

We had a surprise when we came downstairs as there was a Webland demo waitng on the door mat. A surprise because i don't remember applying for one, lol. I had a look at the site after reading Barbara's Blog, as it sounded so good. However, I changed my mind after finding out it was a fiver a month as i am not sure that we would get our moneys worth just yet. After playing on the demo i am not sure what to do...E did enjoy it but i am not sure just *how* much. She doesn't really like to do anything that looks like learning IYSWIM!! I'll have a chat to Mick i think and see what he says.

We read through the library books on "touch", "hearing" and "feelings" after breakfast, then Emily made some paper plate faces, one happy and one sad. She named them Rosie and Jim.


We played a guessing game where i blindfolded her and she had to guess the object using only her sense of touch.

After lunch i read some more of James and the Giant Peach then left E to listen to a tape for some quiet time. She doesn't always nap but i do insist on this half hour of time to ourselves after lunch. Sometimes she goes to sleep, sometimes she doesn't but it means we both get to recharge our batteries a little.

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