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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A week since I posted!! What have we been doing????

Thursday We have been talking about the senses after reading our library books. So I printed off some workbook type pages from Kizclub , we cut them up and made them into little books for Emily's All About Me lapbook. We discovered the delights of Spark Island and E played on that a fair bit. Oh and it snowed, again!

Friday We went to playgroup in the morning (very busy again) then on to a friends house for lunch afterwards. We stayed most of the afternoon.

Saturday & Sunday erm..can't remember much. I know we went up town to pick up the globes I ordered from WH Smith. E amazed me by knowing where the UK was. How??? We worked in the garden a bit too.

Monday We started to make a photo frame from here and did some more lapbook stuff.
making frame

Tuesday We finished the frame.
finished frame


Made some gingerbread men...

and realized 1/2 way though that we didn't have enough ginger so we had to make do with ginger and mixed spice men.



If you are wondering why E is 1/2 naked in the photos it is because she spends a large part of each day "being" Mowgli from The Jungle Book, hence running around in her pants!

Today We went to an indoor playground/soft play place this morning with friends and they came back to our house for lunch and a play. It was the first time we'd to the soft play place with friends and it was great seeing E just run off and going wild. She even made a friend while there. When just the two of us go she is a lot more clingy.

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