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Monday, March 22, 2004

Thought i'd write a quick update while E is asleep.

Thursday We went to the library and got some more books about the senses and the body. Just very simple Usbourne ones, they are a big hit. E keeps telling me all about where the food goes after she's eaten it and particurly delights in saying "poo", hmm. We also got one of the Usbourne Castle Tales as she loves these too and the first Milliy Molly Mandy book, which is going down well (thanks Jax). Finally, "Nothing" by Mick Inkpen and "Fantastic Mr Fox" by Roald Dahl audio books for her to listen to in bed.

Friday Was really dreadful weather wise but we still braved the walk to playgroup (and got soaked). In the afternoon Emily made a tactile name to go on the front of her lapbook. It looks really good.

Saturday We went to look at greenhouses as it really is time we bought one if we are going to get any use out of it this year! There were loads of playhouses on show too so Emily had a fab time playing in them. We would really like to get her one one day...when finances allow!

Sunday hope all you mums had a fantastic Mother's Day. I got wished a "Happy Mother's Year" from dd and got The Sims Makin' Magic x-pansion pack :o) The Sims used to be quite an addiction of mine before i had Emily and i have recently statrted playing it again so i was v pleased. We went out to a local (ish) pub for lunch which was lovely and was treated to champagne in the evening after dp had cooked dinner so felt quite pampered.

Today so far... Emily not well, actually started last night when she was very hot and had cold like symptoms. Still not herself this morning (gone to bed already, again with a temp) just waiting for the homeopath to call to find out what i can give her to help.

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