Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thanks for the hugs, i needed them! I feel much better today and realise the most important thing was that she was fine. There is no point in thinking about the what ifs. It is something i always do though, playing over bad experiences in my head and getting all upset. We will make a point of going again soonish and see how we go from there. She only mentioned it once today...

Emily decided to do some workbook stuff after breakfast. She is really keen to get writing! Then we played a game using the sandpaper letters. I collected a basket of small objects and let her choose one, then she had to run off and find the letter it began with. She then brought it back to me and i showed her how to trace the letter. She enjoyed it a lot.

Sandpaper letter game

Then after her nap we went out in the garden for a bit (really must blog over there sometime!) and came in and watched "Matilda" She hadn't seen it before so was very excited about spotting all the characters from the book. I think Pam Ferris makes a splendid Miss Trunchbull!

Daddy was late home so I was on shower, story and bed duties. We started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a subject close to her heart...and mine come to think of it!

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