Friday, April 30, 2004

Went with a friend and her DS to Cannons this morning as she had heard about a Tumble Tots type thing they run on Friday mornings. When we got there Emily was the oldest there by far, lol, i think it was aimed at a much younger crowd! Still, it didn't bother her one bit and she had a fab time with all the apparatus.

When we got back she played with her Leappad that Daddy bought for her yesterday. I was not too keen on these to start with but after hearing lots of praise for them on MP i thought i would keep an open mind. After seeing Emily use it today i think it will be really good for her. Mick got 3 books with it but i have only given her the one that came with it so far.

We then watched a David Attenborough thing on the giant octopus, well E did.....i wasn't allowed!!! then she fell asleep on the sofa and had a good nap.

She played with the Leappad some more after her (late) lunch and did some stuff on the BBC Schools website. Most of which was a bit advanced for her but she managed really well with me doing the reading for her and giving her a few clues when she became stuck.

Then we finished off the day with another round of Guess Who?

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