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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Very quick blog before i crack open the wine in front of ER.

Good day today, seemed to do loads and we didn't even get up early. Started the day off with a painting session which was fun as i didn't allow myself to get all uptight about the mess as i usually do (for goodness sake *what* is a playroom for anyway!!) After that that emily did some Hama by herself and produced a lovely horse that she copied from the pattern book. I was very impressed as it's the first time she has done it without help. We then watched Finding Nemo (again!) then after lunch we did some baking, Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies - yum. Emily impressed herself by cracking the egg (with a teeny bit of help). Then she went in the garden for a bit of fresh air, we examined the tadpoles and saw one of last years babies (how long do frogs take to grow to adult size, it was still teeny???) She came in and went straight on the PC for some online games and then we just managed to squeeze in a few games of Guess Who? before tea...phew!

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