Monday, June 14, 2004

I have been so busy since returning from hols that i haven't been up to blogging. I will just give you a condensed version of the past couple of weeks...

Emily had a friend sleep overnight for the first time and much fun was had. They both ended up sleeping in the same bed as they both wanted the "bouncy" bed but then both ended up in with me during the night and Mick was forced to sleep on the bouncy bed!

It was my Grannie's 90th birthday on 4th June so we made a flying visit up to Lincolnshire on the 5th for a little family get together round at my aunt's house. It was a really lovely day and Grannie enjoyed herself i think, particularly seeing all the great grandchildren running round together and having such a marvellous time.

Grannie's Birthday Party

Grannie with the Great Grandchildren and me

Last week i spent the time being very busy and ignoring emily for the most part (!) not that she seemed to mind. I had to make a cake and a present for my Godchild-to-be as it was her Naming Day on Saturday. I was terrified as i had never made a cake like that before but it turned out reasonably well in the end - phew

D's Naming day Cake

The day itself was lovely and Emily had a fab time playing with all the children (rangeing in age from 18mths up to 14 yrs!)

Yesterday we had a mass tidy up as we has visitors coming, two of Mick's sisters and his niece. They stopped overnight as they had to catch a plane to Canada this morning and mick took them to the airport. They are going to visit Mick's brother and family. Think we have missed our chance for a visit, which is a shame, as they are planning on coming back to the UK as soon as his brother finds a job.

oh and i had my booking-in appointment with the midwife. She seems very nice and is more than happy for me to have a homebirth which i am really pleased about. My dates have also changed and i have an EDD of 3rd January, but as we all know that means nothing!

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