Saturday, June 19, 2004

Started the week off by going to playgroup. It was very quiet and there were n't any familiar faces, emily still enjoyed herself though.

Tuesday morning was spent doing some work with the Sandpaper Letters. Emily hadn't touched them in quiet a while so i thought it about time i re-presented them, she was a lot more receptive than she has been previously. She also spent some time doing the British Isles puzzle map, that my Mum bought her, and is really good at it now but i haven't yet introduced many of the counties as the puzzle itself is rather complex. We spent the afternoon in the garden as it was very hot. Emily played in her paddling pool and i stuggled to stay awake.

Keepin' cool in the Pool

Keepin' cool in the Pool!

In the evening i went round to a friends to babysit while they went to see HP3.

Wednesday my Amazon order arrived. I sent for pilates and yoga for pregnancy DVD's for me and two B4FIAR books for Emily, "Katy No Pocket" and "Ask Mr Bear". I need to go through the manual again now (which arrived while we were on hols, thanks Barbara) and sort out some activities. In the evening our friends returned the babysitting favour and we went to see HP3, enjoyed it very much. Much better than the previous two, but then it was a better book.
I gave emily the Europe puzzle map today. It is a lot easier than the British Isles one and so as she was doing it i named the pieces. She can now name the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and sometimes Germany which i was quite surprised by.

Thursday we went to playgroup again and Met L and D there. L had an appointment so i looked after D until she returned. Afterwards we all went out for lunch together. Emily decided she wanted a sausage roll (because D had one) so much to my disgust ;o) i bought her one, which she then refused to eat - phew!! (for those that don't know i am vegetarian). Came home and did a bit of work in the veggie garden - a LOT colder today!

Friday a grim looking day so we went to the indoor play centre with L and her 3 children. They all had a fab time. Went back to theirs for lunch, which was nice and then in the afternoon had a visit to the dentist. It was the first time i'd been since moving from London...over 2 years, most unlike me!!! The first proper time for emily. A complete disaster, she point blank refused to let him count her teeth and burst into tears :o( she was tired and also he got off on the wrong foot with her as the first thing he told her was not to suck her fingers, as if !!!! So i have to go back for treatment next Wednesday and he is hoping to see her then.I hope that she is willing but i am not getting my hopes up. If she doesn't want to i'm not going to push it as i don't want it to become a HUGE issue.

Today i went to my pilates class in the morning and that was pretty much it for the day as i felt totally wiped out by it. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. Will probably take Daddy to the pub for lunch but will have to be back in time for the Grand Prix. Emily is very excited about Father's Day. She has signed his card (and Grandad's) and was sooo proud of herself. She has suddenly discovered that she can write her name and is so excited by it she wants to do it over and over, it's really great to see :o)

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