Monday, July 26, 2004

Dd had her first sleepover at a friends house on Saturday. It was very strange and even though DP and I had our first night out alone in ages (which was lovely) we still both missed her loads. It just felt really odd. I kept waking up throughout the night in a panic wondering where she was (she usually ambles through to our bed sometime in the early hours) and so got less sleep than I would have had on a bad night!

On Sunday we met up with Emily and our friends at the local swimming pool. Didn't manage my lengths this week though. She had had a fabulous time and (of course) had slept through the night without a peep BUT had woken very early (about 6.30ish I think) which is most unusual as she doesn't normally wake until 7.30-8.00. I expect it was the excitement.

Today was our first day of "rowing" Katy No Pocket. We started off by learning some kangaroo rhymes and traditional Australian ones. Emily particularly liked "Kookaburra" and has been singing it on and off all day. She did some letter K colouring and then we made ANZAC biscuits (any excuse to get making nice things!) which were yummy. In the afternoon we listened to "Carnival of the Animals" and Emily acted out all the parts.

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