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Sunday, July 18, 2004

My parents have been staying for the weekend and we have had a lovely time. Saturday i went to pilates as usual and mum and Dad took Emily into town. Mick and i met up with them for lunch. Emily had had a fabulous time - was allowed to take her doll's buggy into town (i am so mean as i never let her!) and she had been to see a puppet show with Grandad.
Today we all went swimming. We have bought Emily a float as she wasn't getting on too well with her floaty vest thing (kept her too upright) and she is getting on ok with it but prefers to walk everywhere ;o) I managed to do 40 lengths so was quite pleased with myself but felt as though i had overdone it by the time we got out as i was all shaky so had to demolish a twix - hee hee!

Had a quiet afternoon and mum rescued my knitting (remember i started it back in March??? can't remember exactly - ages ago anyway) I was getting into so much bother with it. The pattern was wrong to start with so that didn't help but it has also been very slow going. she has now got me to a point where i should be able to continue without messing it up (hopefully). Who knows at this rate it may actually be ready for when the baby arrives...not holding my breath though.

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