Friday, October 29, 2004

Yesterday started off badly with me falling off a stool in the bathroom (yeah, i know, i shouldn't have been standing on it!) Got a big telling off from emily!

After a couple of hours my ankle had swollen up and was feeling no better so i thought it about time i got it checked out. Our neighbours were very kind and offered to have Emily for me while her husband drove me to the hospital.

Thankfully nothing was broken (was soooooo relieved) but now feel guilty for having subjected the babe to radiation before s/he's even been born :o/
Fortunately Mick had the afternoon off so i was waited on for the rest of the day which was nice but it does get rather boring just sitting. There is only so much knitting or reading i can do before i start to get sleepy.

Feeling much better today. The swelling has gone down almost completely - been taking lots of Arnica! Mick and i are supposed to be going out tomorrow evening, a very rare occurance, so i hope i am up to it by then. Emily is going to a friends house for a sleepover and is very excited.

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