Monday, November 01, 2004

Thanks all for the kind words, my ankle is now much better (despite me tripping over the back step yesterday!).
A fun weekend was had by all. Emily went off to her friends Saturday evening and Mick and i didn't get so much as a backward glance let alone a hug or a kiss!!! I'm pleased she is so independant and yet it would be nice to feel needed at least some of the time, lol.
Mick and i had our evening out which was nice but i really think i am getting old. I like pubs you can sit down in and chat, "old man" type pubs. I am not very good at lipreading :o/

Sunday - Halloween
Jack Skellington

Our Jack Skellington Pumpkin


Funny Teeth!

L & A brought Emily home at Midday with their 3 littlies and stayed for lunch before dashing off to take their eldest to a Halloween party. We all met up again in the evening for a firework display at the local rugby club. A first for all the children. Emily enjoyed it i think but didn't like the loud bangs at all. I had to stand there with my fingers blocking her ears for the entire duration!


We only had a couple of Trick or Treaters so all the more biscuits for us ;o)

Finger Food

Finger biscuits

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