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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Really felt it was about time I updated. I haven't been online much of late as we had an early arrival :o)

8 Days old

8 Days old

Baby Isaac was born at home on the 20th of December, two weeks early (and 3 days before his sister's 4th birthday!)

I had been having twinges since the Thursday but not really thought anything of it as I was convinced this one would be late, just like Emily. However, when I was woken at 2am on Monday morning I thought that perhaps things were beginning to happen. Eventually went back to bed at about 6am and dozed till 9am when I phoned the Community Midwives office. Of course within minutes of putting the phone down all contractions ceased. Felt very annoyed as wasn't sure if it had all been a false alarm or if things would start up again.

After lunch the contractions started again (yay), they weren't really painful yet but thought it a good idea to get TENS on so I could go and have a sleep without being disturbed as I was knackered. I phoned the labour ward at teatime and they said there was no MW on call for our area that night (terrific I thought!) she said she would ring round and get someone to contact me. To my surprise (and delight) it was my own MW, L, who called. She was due to be working nights at the hospital but said she would much rather attend a homebirth instead.

L arrived at our place at about 6ish. My contractions were quiet erratic and she suspected that the baby was posterior, on examining me this was found to be the case (which explained why all the pain was in my back). I wanted to know how I was doing so asked and to my disappointment I was only 3cms. When I had Emily I was 8cms by the time I had my first exam so felt immediately that I wasn't coping as well. L tried to reassure me that things would almost certainly move quicker this time round. Felt very negative and unprepared - this wasn't supposed to happen for at least 2 weeks, I hadn't even written out my birth plan!! I'd had very little sleep over the last few days as Emily had been ill and I am sure this didn't help my mood.

L left to collect the birth kit and we arranged for friends to have Emily for the night.

By the time the L returned I was feeling a bit better mood wise. I was doing lots of belly dancing and all fours positions to get the baby to move. 2nd MW arrived at 9.30pm and I started on the gas and air as the contractions were becoming much more powerful now. By 10pm I was getting really tired and asked to have my waters broken (something that I'd said I didn't want but I felt so exhausted I was worried about running out of steam). As soon as I had this done I felt an urge to push, this really surprised me as I had never felt this with Emily. L told me to try and hold off pushing for a couple more contractions as I still had 1-2cms more to go but I couldn't. The good news was that the baby had turned and was no longer posterior.

The pushing bit was the bit I had been dreading really, as with Emily it took nearly 2hrs. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere until the L suggested I push to a count of 10 take a couple of breaths and the push to 10 again. This really helped a lot as i realised i had been wasting most of my contractions. I still didn't believe I was getting anywhere though, L had to make me feel the baby's head to prove she wasn't making it up! I felt so boosted by this and pretty soon the head was out. The cord was being squashed at this point and I was a little concerned about the lack of oxygen to the baby as my contractions had become very few and far between by this stage but L said we had plenty of time to play with.

Baby Isaac

Isaac at birth

Isaac was born at 11.35pm and was rather blue but soon pinked up nicely. He weighed 5lb 10oz. He was put straight onto my tummy and I tried to feed him but he only managed a couple of sucks as he was quiet mucusy.Mick cut the cord. This happened sooner than i was expecting as i had put in my plan that i wanted to wait until it stopped pulsating. I didn't remember till after that my birthplan was still on the PC and that no-one had read it but me, lol. L was just telling me to get ready to push the placenta out with my next contraction and i asked Mick to get the Caullophylum to help the process (i had spoken to L about Syntometrine previously and told her i'd rather avoid it) However, seconds later she announced "oh it's here!" and so it was, only took about 5mins. A shock to me as i was expecting it to take much longer. I retired to a nice warm bath while Mick got to have cuddles.

I have recovered so much quicker this time round. Obviously made a big difference that i didn't tear but also think all the yoga and pilates has helped a lot too.
Isaac (now 11 days) is a lovely placid baby (at least he is at the moment). Breastfeeding is going ok now, it took him a while to get the hang of it but i think we are there now. Emily seems to adore him though she did say "he's a bit boring" she had been expecting a toddler and ready made playmate i think ;o)

Proud Big Sister

Proud Big Sister

Happy New Year to you all. I hope it is a good one.

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