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Monday, January 10, 2005

Thank-you for all your messages of congratulations.
Things are going well, Isaac is now 3 weeks old (!) Where has the time gone??? HV came today to weigh him and he is now 7lbs 1oz, not surprised as he is feeding every waking moment. Emily seems to have accepted him well, though she has had her attention seeking moments which is only to be expected. Did i say that since his birth Emily has refused to call Isaac anything but Jesus? Well she will now occasionally refer to him as Issac but mostly calls him Baby.

Emily had her birthday celebrations at nursery last week. Mick, Isaac and i were invited too. It was lovely! Emily had to walk around a candle, symbolising the Sun, four times to mark the four years since her birth and each time a candle was lit. We supplied photos and details of her first 4 years. These were read out/shown after each "year" passed. I was pleased to see Emily thoroughly enjoyed it, i was a bit worried she might find it all a bit overwhelming.

We have been away for the weekend, visiting my parents. Got to see loads of family, about 17 people altogether i think, which was lovely.

Finally Happy Birthday to Merry. As someone who has been 31 for all of 3 days i can say it's not so bad - hope you had a great day :o)

Getting better at typing one handed!

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