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Monday, February 14, 2005

Well it has been so long since i posted on here that Blogger had signed me out. Had to think very hard to try and remember my password.

Things are going well here (other than Emily being ill - yet again! Seems like it has been almost constant since November). Emily's interest in reading has increased immensely. She read the first four of her Bob books to me the other day followed by a book i printed off from here I was amazed!!! I have since printed off several more from Starfall and subscribed to Reading so i can keep up with her interest.

I have also been quite industrious in my spare time (which has been few and far between). I have made some pink fishbowl word cards, like these ones here as well as a calendar/weather chart. It has markers for YESTERDAY,TODAY and TOMORROW to help dd understand these better. It also has squares next to each day of the week where you can stick "special day" tokens such as birthdays, holidays or when we have visitors coming, as i find Emily is constantly asking "how long is it until...." and it is difficult to make her understand when she has no concept of "a week" so i am hoping this will help. It has a place for todays date, space for weather symbols and the temparature and a square to show what the season is. Its basically an amalgamation of about 3 different calendars and weather charts that i've seen for sale but as i couldn't find one with all the bits on i wanted, i made my own. It has turned out ok i think.

Isaac is now 8wks and continuing to pile on the weight (he's just under 12lbs now). We have our 6wk check on Wednesday..finally. I have started doing baby yoga with him and he seems to love it.

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