Thursday, January 20, 2005

A friend is bringing Emily home from ballet and Isaac is asleep so i have just got time for a quickie update and a cup of tea!

Isaac is now 4wks and is doing really well. He was weighed on monday and is now 7lbs 11 1/2oz. He is growing out of his tiny baby clothes already :o( He has become more demanding in the last week and i can't put him down for a second if he is awake before he starts crying - thank goodness for the Hug-a-bub it is proving very useful and he loves being in it. I have also started swaddling him and he seems to love this also.

Emily is still saying she doesn't want to go to nursery every Tuesday and Thursday morning but still loves it once there, and has even asked to do the french class on Wednesdays. So i dunno????? I think it is partly that she goes to bed too late so we must make more of an effort there and also that she feels she may miss out on something while she is there and Isaac and i are at home. We'll just have to see.

Feel very out of touch as haven't been able to keep up with blog reading or the lists that i am on. Hope everyone is well x

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