Monday, August 08, 2005

We went to "Balloons Over Basingstoke" on Saturday. Emily is a huge fan of hot air balloons, (we have loads fly over our house throughout the summer) so we couldn't let the opportunity pass to see loads in one place. The balloon launch wasn't until the evening but there was plently to do to pass the time. Emily attended a dance workshop, which was rather chaotic but she seemed to enjoy it all the same. We saw some sky divers and a motor cycle display team and of course loads of fair ground rides. It was mostly overcast all day but thankfully the sun shone and there were beautiful blue skys by the time the balloons launched.

Today Emily has been a bit off colour but felt like doing some maths so she counted to 100 using a one hundred square and then wrote a few numbers out. We popped out this afternoon to do a few errands including a trip to the library to show off our *new bookbags* that arrived this morning (Huge thanks Merry and Jax - they are fab). We also stopped by the tourist information to buy loads of postcards for the MP postcard exchange - i don't think i have ever bought that many in my entire life!

Finally, i forgot to blog the other week, Isaac has now got two teeth, yay! He is all the more happier for it :o)


Clare said...

Just wanted to reply to your comment on my blog! Don't worry about the baby sickiness - loads of bfc's have told me(and drs, and bf books) that the worst it is is an inconvenience to us mums, and, unless baby isn't putting on weight, is not really a problem for them at all - except they have to have their clothes changed more often!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the reassurance, Clare.

Wouldn't mind if it was just Isaac's clothes that have to be changed more often but it's mine too and i haven't got that many, lol!