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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Have been taking a blogging break but thought i should start again so the family can keep up to date, and it's useful to me too.

The main news here are the two milestone birthdays coming up. Isaac will be 1 on the 20th - where has the year gone :o( and Emily will be 5 on the 23rd, so we will become offical at last!
Interesting thing happened a few weeks ago, relateing to "official" status. It was Parent's Evening at Montessori and they asked what we planned to do regarding Emily's leaving there. We were told that she won't have to leave there, at the end of this term, as we had thought. So she will continue doing her 2 days a week until Easter, which is great. It gives me more time to ease myself into HE "proper"!
I say that because although i never intended to do very much planned stuff in these early years, i know that she wants it. She needs structure and definitely isn't going to be one for the moment. I know i have to get myself more organised as i have been doing a lot of thinking as we go and it doesn't really work. It means a lot of interruptions and waiting around for Emily and she gets bored. i need to plan out a day/week worth of stuff so that when wants something to do i can say "here you go" explain it and let her get on with it. Isaac takes up a lot of time now. He is into everything in a way i never experienced with Emily. She learnt very quickly that you don't put things in sockets, don't touch the stereo volume, don't chew cables etc etc but he just doesn't care. He is full of mischief, but lovely with it!

I hope everyone on the blogring is well. I have been taking a break from reading everyone's blogs as well, as it was taking up such a lot of time. I am going to try and do the ring once a week only!!!


Joanna said...

Good to see you back!

Jax said...

hello again - good to hear from you. Welcome back :)