Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mick had the day off yesterday and we popped in to London. I say "popped" but we were there several hours mostly queuing!!! We took Emily (and Isaac, although totally unbothered), to see Father Christmas at Harrods - without doubt my LEAST favourite shop, but hey, we weren't going for my benefit.

We were expecting it to be busy as we had been pre-warned, but not *that* busy. Thankfully they had some entertainment so Emily didn't get too bored but i wish i'd taken my Gameboy :o/
She was rather awestruck when we finally got to see him, as expected, and wouldn't go anywhere near him, lol. However, she did chat to him, which is more than i would have done at her age.

So having satisfied her curiosity i doubt she will want to go again next year, and if she does it'll be the local department store i think!


Lin said...

Glad you had a good day in London. This is the first year I havent done the Santa thing in 26 years!

Nicki said...

Gosh, i think you deserve some kind of award for that!