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Monday, February 06, 2006

A good day today, we seem to have done loads!

Started off by reading The Story of Arachne from Greek Myths, which Emily then narrated back to me. We talked about spiders and differences between them and insects.Did some spider worksheets that i printed off Learning Page and Enchanted Learning.

We watched a bit of Class TV.

We looked at the letter 'N' - i've decided we need to revise the whole alphabet as she seems to have forgotten how to form her letters. I think i'll get the Sandpaper letters out again as i don't want her to get into bad habits which could pose a problem for her in the future.

After lunch we did painting then made spider webs using PVA glue and decorating them with sequins (of course!?!?!?) and of course a pom pom spider.

PE came in the form of dancing to CDs which Isaac thoroughly enjoyed joining in with!

Day finished off with a bit of reading.

All this *and* I even managed to get all my jobs done too (there is something to be said for this organisation malarchy) including three loads of laundry.

Isaac has been so good at entertaining himself today - another reason we got more done - his favourite game being "bat the piece of coal around the living room carpet whilst Mummy is in the kitchen" thankfully it wasn't as bad as it sounds, depite it being a cream carpet. He is desperate to walk and practices standing all the time, he pushes your hands away once you've helped him up and he's getting quite stable but hasn't yet worked out how to get up on his own yet.

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