Monday, February 06, 2006

I thought it would be nice to do some felt bead making on saturday morning as i'd just sent for some fairytale wool from opitec and the colours were...erm rather bright (say...neon). I couldn't imagine using most of them so i thought they would make great beads. What a complete waste of time!!! The wool was not suitable for felting at all (despite being on the 'wet and dry felting' page in the catalogue) so i was really annoyed, more for Emily as she spent ages patting, squeezing, rolling and she was sooo disappointed it didn't work. We gave up and used the Myriad wool instead.

Sunday we went for a walk even though it was really cold. I thought we could do with some fresh air and it did us all good - i'm very bad at going outside in winter.
We took a printout of winter twigs and managed to spot quite a few.

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