Monday, February 19, 2007

Friday was spent doing all manner of birthday things for Mick's birthday on Saturday. We made a cake, half of which slid off my super non stick cooling rack onto the floor :o/ So after I discovered we'd used the last of the eggs, and been to the supermarket for more, we made another. Emily spent much of the afternoon painting a nice picture for daddy and Isaac did Isaac stuff - which is making lots of mess and playing with cars, trucks, diggers.....

Saturday we went up town and Mick took Emily into the museum to make a flapping bird, which gave me and hour to mooch while Isaac slept. I didn't realise that the museum did a children's activity every week so we'll try an make more use of it in future. She had a lovely time. A quick trip to the library to pick up some books on water (which Emily wants to explore - nice and broad!) Then it was home for tea and cake.

Emily went to a friend's house yesterday, an impromptu visit, so previous plans to go to the woods were shelved and Mick got on with some painting in the new laundry room. Mum and Dad are coming down next weekend so we are hoping to get some of the units fitted in there then - finally!

Today there has been a fair amount of Education City played and quite a lot of stuff to do with Chinese New Year. We are on lists 6 and 7 of her HFW and she is doing really well with them. We also covered history in the form of Britannia and revised "ai" words.

I'm off babysitting tonight but will try and post photos later.

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