Thursday, February 15, 2007

We went to the library yesterday morning with friends and came back with bookbags full to overflow. Isaac got his very own ticket which means we can now take out a grand total of 30 books :o) We also got DVD's (as I was in an unusually generous mood), "Bob Fix-It" for Isaac and Jungle Book 2 for Emily. She was actually hoping for Cars, but you know what half term is like, so she got JB2 in desparation i think!

Emily wanted to do something "Valentines" for Daddy so we made a pretty box from here (thanks June, some lovely things there). She made the Celtic heart box and wrote little messages on the hearts to go inside and he was delighted with it.

I don't actually know where today went, don't seem to have done much. Emily made her "Hands up for Home Ed" hands and Isaac had a go too. Looking back i swear most of the day was spent feeding Isaac, one way or another. You just can't seem to fill that boy up. I'm not used to having a child that is constantly hungry!

oh, yes and i signed up to Education City - see side bar for code.

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Love the Toymaker website - thanks. Elle