Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We had a lovely weekend with Mum and Dad, if rather busy. Dad fitted my new oven which has been cluttering up the floor for 6mths or so (long story of errors on my part) and he also fitted the plinth which means Isaac can no longer keep posting his toys underneath the units :o) So Mick just has the painting and floor to finish and then the kitchen/diner part of the extension is complete - YAY.
Isaac enjoyed some Daddy time (Mick had Friday and Monday off work) and helped him to construct another storage unit for the playroom...

While Emily took the opportunity to finish her wren purse without small fingers helping!
She's Rather proud of it, can you tell?
I'd rather like it for myself ;o)

I got spring fever early and spent a fortune at the garden centre, then Mum and I tidied up the garden a bit in between rain showers.
My parents insisted we went out on Saturday night, as we still hadn't managed to have our Anniversary night out ( that was in September). We went to a very nice Indian restaurant, which was yummy, but ate far too much.
This week we've been doing more on our Land and Water project. Emily constucted her own aquifer which was a lot of fun.
We left it overnight to watch how the silt settled and then we added food colouring to represent how chemicals can cause pollution to the underground water as well as lakes.


Michelle said...

Wow! To both the purse and the aquifer. They're both now on my list of things I want to do.

Michelle said...

I mean, on my list of things I'm sure Chloe would enjoy doing! Sometimes forget who's meant to be the focus of this HE thingywotsit.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a natural continuation from recent discussions on caring for the environment here - thanks for the links!