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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sooo Tired!

Isaac has been keeping me awake with his coughing, it's really bad at the moment thanks to yet another round of colds. He has been coughing on and off since November though, so a trip to the docs tomorrow assuming we can get an appointment. I just want to be sure it's not asthma after not realising Emily had it for so long!

I just realised I haven't put the photos up from Friday yet. Mick had the day off work and we took a trip here.

Isaac has loved Thomas ever since he clapped eyes on him round a friend's house but he was quite terrified when he met him in real life!

He wasn't too keen on the steam and noise but had made friends with him again after several journeys. He enjoyed looking round the engines - lots of things to fiddle with and plently of opportunity to get mucky -something Emily enjoyed too!
Emily had fun in the science carriage and it all tied in rather nicely with the work we've been doing this week on water. She also enjoyed having a ride on her namesake and pretending to be on the Hogwarts Express while in the First Class carriage :o)


mummynat said...

Hellow chick. Looks like it's all going well :)
Glad you have started up your garden blog again, i'll keep my eye on it.
Keep well :)

Ruth said...

Oh that takes me back to when my boys were small and we saw Thomas at York. They loved him - and Percy.

Alison said...

We've never made it to see Thomas at Didcot, looks like you had a great time :)

Emily's looking very cute iwth her gappy smile!

Nicki said...

I'm actually wondering if she's going to get any front teeth - she lost them in October and no sign yet!!!

Alison said...

Violet took ages for hers to grow in - I think at one point she had nearly all 8 at different lengths, lol - but instead of looking cute, she looked more like Gollum ;-)