Monday, January 23, 2012

Geography: Antarctica

We worked on Africa last term and we are kicking off this term with Antarctica. Felt too long was spent on Africa, Chugs lost interest about half way through, so hoping to post relevant links an info here. This will hopefully mean that I can be more organized, as I felt I was this time last year, thus keeping the flow. We'll see.

The above video wasn't available when I tried today so placed here for future reference.

  • Blank map of Antarctica
  • Needs & Wants list
  • Acrostic Poem sheet

Time expected to complete this module - 3 weeks, with 2 lessons per week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Project: Simplify [Hot Spot #1] My Wardrobe

My main wardrobe, before...

...and a close up of the hanging rail.

A close-up of the mess within!

The smaller wardrobe. Please note the top two shelves!

The main wardrobe after.
The clothes are ordered by type, then colour.

The side wardrobe after, much better :o)
It looks from this like I have a ton of bags but really I don't, they're just bulky honest!

And finally my pile to donate.

Feel inspired to take up the challenge? If you do head on over to SimpleMom for this week's challenge, Hot Spot #2: Paper Clutter.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Earth Trip: Russia

Wow what a busy week we've had! As well as squeezing in 3 play dates we also finished up our trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, where we have spent the past three weeks.

Another flag was added to our passports.

We started off our trip by reading the next instalment of the story and finding out what our next missions were. Here are a few of the other things we did during our three week "trip".

  • As usual we sampled the local food, which this time took the form of Russian Honey Cake. The boys made this together which worked really well. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the finished cake as I completely forgot to take any before we scoffed it.

  • We found Russia on the globe and map, talked about it being the biggest country and how it spans two continents. Next time I think we will review this daily so that it sticks.

  • We read about life in Russia from the Children Like Me book.

  • We filled in our country information sheet and discovered how to say many things in Russian including "hello" We also discovered this wasn't easy! This led to a discussion on how the Russian alphabet is different from ours. We also found how to write our names in Russian here

  • We did our map work sheet and learned where and what the Russian Steppes were, and where we could find Lake Baikal and the Trans Siberian Railway.

  • We used Google Maps to explore St Petersburg and Google Art View to visit some of the sites of the Hermitage Museum, which is part of the Winter Palace.

  • We had a look at three palaces, including the Winter Palace, and all their splendour and then had a go at designing our own palace type structure using dried spaghetti stuck together with marshmallows. This was a lot of fun but very sticky! Can't find the photos though annoyingly.

  • We looked at lots of photos on the National Geographic site and printed some off to add to our travel scrapbook.

  • We read about Baba Yaga

  • Also read about Yuri Gagarin from our library books and did a quiz about him and the space race.

  • We learned about Sergei Prokofiev by listening to Classics For Kids We then read the story of Peter and the Wolf and listened to a recording of it from here. I found various worksheets on the internet to accompany it.

  • We talked about the Russian flag and how it has changed, then made one using Hama beads. We also looked at Russian currency

  • We looked at Animals from Russia and made a book about them

  • We finished up by doing a general knowledge quiz on Russia.

  • Isaac doing a maths division activity

    Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    Earth Trip : Norway

    A friend and I got chatting at the end of last year and decided our boys needed more geography in their educational diet. We talked about various things we could do, but how to make it fun and appealing to a 6yo and and 8yo who are Lego/Star Wars obsessed?

    Well she came up with the idea of having a story where a boy is trying to win a trip to the moon, but before he can go he has to do a tour of the Earth and complete several missions en-route!

    So we started our first mission 2 weeks ago, to Bergen in Norway.

    Here are some of the things we covered:

  • Made a passport

  • Located Norway on the Globe and the World map and marked our starting point.

  • We read about Scandinavian Sami people from the Children Like Me book.

  • Talked about fjords and had a look at some photos. We put these in our travel scrapbook

  • Did some map work locating different points.

  • Did a country fact sheet finding out what languages are used, currency, population size etc.

  • Learnt how to say "hello" in both Norwegian and Sami

  • We read about 'Lefse' a kind of Norwegian pancake and made some and ate them for lunch, yummy! We then put the recipe and photos in our World Recipe Book.

  • We read a book on orcas and did a quiz to see how much we had learnt. We also did some simple experiments about buoyency.

  • For another little science project we made a 'floating killer whale' using magnets. You can't tell from the photo but the whale is fixed to the bottom of the box using thread. You then place a strong magnet on top of the box, which attracts the paper clip, making the whale appear to float.

  • We made the Norwegian flag in HAMA beads.

  • We read several books on Vikings, THIS was a particular favourite. One of the things we read about was how the Vikings preserved their meat and fish using salt. We found out the Vikings got their salt from boiling up sea water, so we got our own "sea water" and boiled it up on the hob until all the water had evaporated.

  • We then did a simple Viking craft from here

  • We finished up the week by doing a Viking skills task which was all about weighing and estimation.

  • We've had lots of fun with this, on to Russia next!

    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    Well hello again!

    Hello dear, dusty old blog. It's me, I'm back again with more promises to post regularly (which I know I won't keep) but I'm back for a bit at least. We have started a new project which I want to keep a record of so that my son (now 6) will have some proof of the fun things we do in the name of education!

    Big sister (now 10) has started school since we last spoke. She has been attending since last September and is loving it. It has been a great comfort to me to know that although I have never made a concious effort to follow the national curriculum she has coped with the work well. Also, she has really zoomed ahead with her English work. This was always a struggle at home and she hated doing any form of writing; at school however she will go that extra mile to impress her teacher!

    Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    Latest Embroidery

    I finished this ages ago but forgot to post a photo.

    Acorn Fairy

    For an Autumn baby this time so I chose The Acorn Fairy Stitchette from Wee Wonderfuls. I really love the colours on this one. 

    At the moment I'm working through Jenny's Pretty Maids All In A Row. I love these, so cute! 


    I'm progressing very slowly, (this one's still headless!), as I have so many other projects on the go.

    My first pair of socks are still very much a WIP...


    ...and I have 4(!) Clothkits kits awaiting my attention, at least one of which was bought early last year!

    Unfortunately I seem to have had no time to crafting things for myself lately.  Lets hope that changes over the next few months as I have already been eyeing several of the projects in this lovely book, well worth a look if you are that way inclined. For a review of the book and lots of nice pictures, visit Craftypod.



    Finally here is a clue as to where we have been spending most of our time of late. Update to come.

    Dirty Feet

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Ancient Greece

    We have been covering the Ancient Greeks in SOTW1 and I suggested to Millie that she could do a mini project on them before we move on.

    I've put a bunch of links on my Tumblr for her to have a gander at but figured I may as well share them here as they might be of use to others.