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Friday, October 17, 2003

Have just got back from Portugal, hence lack of posts! We all had a fab time and the weather was perfect -just right for trips to the beach but not too hot.

This was our favourite beach, called Albandeira (we think). It consisted of 3 little coves that were very quiet, though i am sure it is very different if you go peak season. The sea wasn't really suitable for toddlers as it shelved quite badly, however this didn't bother Millie at all as she is not a fan of the sea unless being carried by a big person!

Looking down on "our" lovely beach from the cliff top

Enjoying the cuisine - well Chocolate mousse

Millie the mermaid

We came across quite a few famillies with younger children which was nice for Millie as she had the opportunity to make lots of friends.

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