Sunday, April 25, 2004

Right, where are we.....
Nothing that stands out in particular the last week, though we seemed to do a lot. The usual visits to playgroup on two mornings. A visit to the park with friends on a (cold and muddy) afternoon. Babysitting one morning (well toddler sitting) which gave Emily the opportunity to play at "big sister" which she enjoyed and a visit to the library. Not forgetting baking, sticking, computer playing but not much TV, for a (welcome) change!

Yesterday i had a pilates class and Mick was going to take E swimming while i was doing that, but unfortunately we didn't check the timetable before we left and it was swimming lessons only [sigh]. E was in floods of tears (which i was quite glad about, as it shows she hasn't been completely put off by the incident last week!) so Daddy took her to the park instead and she had a lovely time there.

After that emily went to play at friend's for half an hour whilst we did a bit of shopping then back home and straight into the garden for lunch. It was *such* a beautiful day :o) Of course i couldn't find the sun cream anywhere so had to send Mick out again to get some more! While he was out dd sat in her tent and i read "More MMM Stories" and realised that we should have read this one before "MMM Again" ho hum. We did a bit of gardening and then had a barbeque so late to bed for Emily.

grubby urchin

"helping" with the garden

Today we met friends at a local nature reserve and went on a nature trail. Unfortunately the children were a bit excited and the adults did most of the hunting.
Here's what we managed to find....
grubby urchin


Afterwards the children tore round the playgrounds for a good hour or so. Emily had been invited back to her friend's house for tea but she fell asleep in the car on the way home!

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